Our Corporate Sustainability

Increasing wealth & self-sufficiency

Developing businesses that benefit stakeholders, communities, and the people involved is the core mission of the Jamub Group. To meet people's needs, we think it's important to create socially conscious enterprises with an impact.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

“Our Core Focus” - Increasing wealth & self-sufficiency

In Jamub, we seek to improve and positively impact our business environment through adopting sustainable approaches as an operational policy. We will always:
• Use sustainable materials and processes in project execution
• Optimize supply chains to reduce greenhouse emission.
• Adopt and if need be, train local content from host community.

As a conglomerate, we have built reputation over the years with repertoire of experience spanning across Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Production, etc that has provided superlative services to private and public sects.

“The 7 Pillars of Sustainability are at the core of The Jamub Group, which reflects our personal commitment to build a socially responsible and impactful business that serves all stakeholders.”

The Jamub Way

The 7 Pillars of Sustainability are at the core of The Jamub Group. This reflects our personal commitment to building a socially responsible and impactful business that serves all stakeholders.


For a diverse group like ours, it’s essential we bolster the financial performance of our businesses using value driven techniques in keeping our strategies relevant.


Build a world-class institution centered around corporate governance best practices and sustainability principles that promote legal and regulatory compliance, transparency and business continuity.


Promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and industrialisation across Africa, by establishing efficient production facilities and developing resilient local economies...


Embody our core values in the way we do business, including respect for cultural diversity and giving back to the societies in which we operate. To achieve this, we actively encourage teamwork, empowerment, inclusion, equity...


Create a learning environment and platform for our employees to grow and achieve their fullest potential, whilst adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. In our host communities, we strive to develop resilient and sustainable prosperity through direct and indirect employment...


Create sustainable environmental management practices, through a proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate change ...


Serve and satisfy our markets by working together with partners to deliver the best products and services to our valued customers and stakeholders, through continuous product improvement, new business development.