IT Lounge Limited

With our Innovative Industries solution, we serve clients from different verticals:

IT Lounge

IT Lounge Limited is a Nigerian private limited liability company offering plethora of IT tailored services spanning across IT system integration and management, IT consultancy services, Internet service provision, software design & development and hardware installation & maintenance.

Our specialist knowledge in a variety of industries enables us to realise innovative solutions by linking people, technologies and ideas.

With dedicated technical specialists in the field, we are capable of building and integrating new and innovative technologies to improve the life and livelihood of our customers.

Our Core Services

We put premium on customer satisfaction as we ensure a rigid quality stance in compliance with global acceptable standards, prompt turnaround time and within agreed budget.

Digital Conference System

We provide internet technologies that makes digital conferencing possible. Our Services allow real-time point-point communications as well as multicast communication from one sender to many receivers.

Software Solutions

In IT LOUNGE, we are about the interest and satisfaction of our clients. We provide IT software solution to meet client requirements based on their IT challenges. Web Applications etc.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We are an internet service provider (ISP) company that is set to compete in the highly competitive Internet Service Providers (ISPs) industry not only in the Nigeria market, but also in the global market.

Simultaneous interpretation solutions

With our simultaneous interpretation solutions, meeting and event participants can enjoy real-time interpreting in their chosen language, attainable with remote meetings.

Surveillance and access control security system solutions

We provide innovative approach that monitors the behaviour, activities, or information for the purpose of information gathering, influencing, managing or directing which includes observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment, such as CCTV.

Web/Application Hosting

Our Internet hosting service also known as web/application hosting allows individuals, government and organizations to make their web and Application accessible via the World Wide Web.

Audio visual system solutions

We provide complex audio-visual systems for the modern-day work system flexibility, meetings and conferences. In many organizations, this system is necessitated due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.