The Managing Director of Jamub Group of Companies, Prince Jacob Momoh has said as a premise for growth and differentiation of the Group, 2019 mid-year retreat was brought forth to rejig the process flow and acquire new strategies for investment.

He stated this on thursday in Nassarawa State, while giving an opening remark at the ongoing 3-day mid-year retreat.

Mr. Jacob noted that amidst present economic challenges it was important the Group reviews its current strategy to imbibe new investment strategy for growth and expansion. “We are here to evaluate what we have done, rejig the process and see where we are meant to be in the nearest future. The idea is to imbibe a new strategy for investment.” He said.

Meanwhile, during the business unit presentation, the head of SchoolMe Operations, Nsikan Ekaette said SchoolMe has experienced significant growth from January when the last retreat was held to date.

According to Nsikan,”online users alone have grown from 200 to 3,325 within the space of six month and plays has significantly increased”.

Other departmental heads which included; Monitoring and evaluation department, Engineering department, Training department and Business Development Department also experienced significant growth in the months under review.

However, the Group General Manager, Mr. Olusegun Karrim called on heads of department to identify key areas of management involvement and ensure they are translated it to result.

The NobleHearald Facilitators of the retreat, took strategic training sections. Mr Edward Enejoh who took on strategy stressed that Corporate strategy provide a road map of where an organization is and where it is headed”.

Mr. Aniaken Nya-etok who lectured about the blue ocean strategy said only people who think differently can change their world, he also noted that big companies don’t beat small companies or small companies beat big companies rather fast companies beat slow companies”.

Mr. Adewumi Abiodun, a financial analyst in his paper presentation on “Nigeria market trend analysis; the critical success factors assessment” said that business must to grow in the face of a competitive market, they must know their market, understand the product and service. They must also understand that the market is static but the change in the market is caused by competitors.


Freda Okhiria,

Public Relations Officer,

Jamub Group of Companies