About Jamub Group of Companies

Jamub Group continues to grow its interest in multiple industries which signifies our desire to provide superlative services.

Our Mission & Vision

Nurturing a Vision

To become a key global player in product and service delivery.

To provide superlative services and products at levels exceeding clients expectations through strategic differentiation, innovation and value creation; employing professionalism and cutting-edge technology.

Prince Jacob Momoh

Group Chief Executive Officer

Prince Jacob Aminu Momoh, is a renowned Nigerian businessman. Born in ”The Food Basket of the Nation ” Benue State. His rise to greatness was through a rough path and facilitated by his determination, resilience, creativity and hard work...

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Executive Leadership

Our senior executives bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the day to day operation of the company.


Jamub Group is a fully integrated conglomerate of duly registered companies with vibrant operations in Nigeria across different sectors of the economy including Construction, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Real Estate and General Consulting. Our existence and corporate strategy are consequent upon the growth of Jamub Global Services Limited, established in 2007 as our pioneer subsidiary. Our core business focus is to provide indigenous value-added products and services that meet the needs of the Nigeria populace through the establishment of innovative business solution subsidiaries in Nigeria and across Africa. We are focused on building local capacity to generate employment, reduce capital flight and increase local value addition.

The Jamub Group corporate strategy has evolved as its businesses have grown, matured, and diversified into new sectors and regions over the last 15years. As a giant in pharmaceuticals in Nigeria, we strive to provide quality drugs that is affordable across Nigeria and Africa with visible presence everywhere you go using local resources in manufacturing.
Being among the top 5 key players in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), we use cutting-edge technology in solving all kinds of problems with visible presence across the country. We provide luxury/low-cost homes for Nigeria and west Africa using local materials and indigenous manpower in delivering quality houses on time and with value for money.
We are the biggest commercial agricultural farming company in Nigeria using technology and innovation in providing food sufficiency in Nigeria markets. As one of the biggest manufacturing company in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), our efficiency ensures that our products are well packaged and affordable for consumption.
Our energy solution is visible with investments in Power-stations across the country on zero emission. We are the biggest indigenous mining company that specialize in mining of various minerals like coals, gold, lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, tin, tantalum, magnesium, and vanadium.


We develop humans that are resourceful in every area of the economy and are agents of transformation and commitment to values and impact.
We are champions in the hospitality industry having our presence of 5star hotels across major commercial cities in Nigeria and Africa.

Jamub Group is the biggest trading indigenous company with visible warehouse and logistics vehicles across the country in Nigeria and Africa using modern technology in handling processes with speed and accuracy.


Value to us means delivering faster, innovative and quality solutions to our customers.


We walk through the walls of impossibilities to deliver on projects.


We turn imaginative ideas into realities, in view of providing global solutions.


We are sensitive about the interest of all our stakeholders and are obligated to protect it always with unquestionable integrity.


We provide top-notch services and products by utilizing the best resources and process.

Team Work

We work as a team towards achieving more and better results.