The Managing Director, JAMUB Group of Companies, Prince Jacob Momoh in a retreat called on staff to  ensure effective implementation of strategies required to ensure growth and productivity.

Mr. Momoh made this at the 3-day retreat held in Keffi, Nassarawa state, with theme “Jamub Group strategy management retreat”.

According to him, “Over the period, significant achievements have been made in areas such as the development of Enterprise Risk Management, implementation of Differential Financial cash flow system , Capacity Building in Risk-Based Supervision, deployment of a Performance Management System, enhanced Effective Efficiency among the team in line with the mission statement of the company “To provide superlative services and products at levels exceeding clients’ expectations by employing professionalism and cutting edge technology in keeping with changing times.”

He however tasked staff to do more, “In spite of the achievements recorded in respect of the above, there is still more to be done.”

He emphasized that the strategic objectives, targets and timelines will be set by the Company and the Lead Partner of the unit in this year 2019 with the Strategy of SWOT analysis which will be needed to be deploy for review of the target by each team .

Explaining the objectives of the retreat, Mr Momoh said, “Herein lie the objectives of the 2019 Strategy Retreat, which include, to: -Provide a forum for a cross section of the staff to collectively review the progress being made in the implementation of the 2019 Strategic Plan which will be adopted after the company retreat.

– Provide the right environment for brainstorming and reaching a common understanding of the Organization   emerging challenges/strategic issues by using new approach and initiatives for dealing with them.”

High points of the programs were; presentation of 2019 projections by heads of department, presentation of financial forecast for SchoolMe, various breakout groups for brainstorming. A lot of resolutions where reached and adopted as the Company’s policy document.

An external firm by the name RAMAFIN CONSULTING trained staff on how to adjust to administrative changes, how to administer financial analysis, ways to align with Company’s vision and mission statement to achieving goals and agenda for 2019.

The General Manager of the group, Mr. Olusegun Karrim in his presentation on a topic “operational performance and mismatch in the JAMUB value chain” listed the administration of business practices that should be administered in the work place; reward Effort, be Vulnerable, stay committed, seek clarity, focus team effort, hold regular meetings, Create Cultural Cohesiveness, planning actions, organization resources, staffing structure, organization, directing activities, controlling systems etc.

Mr. karrim also using the SWOT system identified the strength of the company to be; Strong brand names, Good reputation, Cost advantages of proprietary know-how, its weakness to be; Weak brand name, Poor reputation, Ineffective and high cost structure. The opportunities to be; Arrival of new technology, unfulfilled customer needs, taking business courses (training) and the threats of the company to be; trend changes, new regulations, new substitute products.

The Managing Director of RAMAFIN CONSULTING, Mr. Dalang Luka stressed that for increase in productivity “JAMUB staff must get it right before they can get it done”.

Mr. Luka noted that the company must be driven by differentiation, quick service delivery, continuous research and innovation. This lead to the constitution of a Think-tank team to ensure continuous innovation to keep SchoolMe product different from other market elements.

Closing the retreat, the Managing Director assured staff that his successes in business is anchored on God’s favour,  he advised them to connect with the vision and mission of the company to rise to the pick of job accomplishment.