After a decade and a year, the supporting life of 11-year old operating system; Windows 7 has come to an official end.

The bad news is that, Microsoft will no longer provide updates, technical support or security patches for Windows 7 and the hundreds of million users still using Windows 7 are vulnerable to malware attacks.

The good news is that you do not need a new computer just yet, Windows 7 is still useable but just less secure.

In simple terms, Windows 7 is an operating system software that allows a user to run, hardware, software resources and other applications on a computing device.

Microsoft releases security patches that should be installed automatically as windows update every month while malware attackers analyze these patches and look for ways to exploit them. With this current development, you can’t patch windows 7 but you can ensure your other software on your computing device is patched like browsers’.

Google; one of the main suppliers of browsers has said “We will continue to support Chrome for a minimum of 18months from Microsoft’s end of life date, until at least 15 July 2021.

However, this act of kindness by Google will stop therefore the need for upgrading your windows is inevitable.


  1. Windows 7 PC is still useable but less secure
  2. There will no longer be support (security updates and technical support) for Windows 7.
  3. It would be easy for malware attackers to exploit the system software.
  4. Ensure to keep valuable data like banking details away from your Windows 7 PC.
  5. If you’re still a Windows 7 user, never click unsolicited mail, suspicious spams and phishing emails.
  6.  If you’re still a Windows 7 user, keep valuables on an external hard drives for safety.

With all said, Microsoft has offered two (2) solutions

  1. Upgrade your existing equipment to Windows 10.
  2. If your computer can’t run Windows 10, it might be time to buy a new one.

If you won’t do either of them, then brace yourself for an attack at anytime.

Efe Obajuwana,

Social media executive,

Jamub Global Services Limited.